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Competition Results

There are a number of competitions throughout the golfing season at Craibstone in a variety of different formats ensuring every competition remains enjoyable. They are also an excellent opportunity to meet other members and improve your golf.

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Competition Results 2014

APRIL 2014

Cat 1 - S.K. Milne, Cat 2 - W. Taylor, Cat 3 - T.K. Lumsden

MAY 2014

Belhaven Medal
Cat 1 - S. Anderson,  Cat 2 - G. Osak, Cat 3 - W. Aitken

Wed Medal
Cat 1 - D. Allan, Cat 2 - W. Beattie, Cat 3 - C. Laird

World Whisky Day Medals
Cat 1 - D. McKendrick, Cat 2 - M. Cross, Cat 3 - A. McRae

JUNE 2014

Cat 1 - G. Birnie, Cat 2 - J.Allan, Cat 3 - S. Ryan

Wed Medal
Cat 1 - C. Dunbar, Cat 2 - J. Allan, Cat 3 - S. Ryan

JULY 2014

British Open Medal (Sat)
Cat 1 - S. Barfoot, Cat 2 - D. McGinlay,  Cat 3 - N. Lindsay

British Open Medal (Sun)
Cat 1 - M. Dalgarno, Cat 2 - G. Forbes, Cat 3 - M. Westwood

Wed Medal
Cat 1 - M. Carle, Cat 2 - M. Glenn, Cat 3 - M. Staines


Wed Medal
Cat 1 - K. Milne, Cat 2 - M. McIntosh, Cat 3 - M. Staines

Cat 1 - K. Mlne, Cat 2 - D. Reid, Cat 3 - W. Aitken


Cat 1 - G. Benson, Cat 2 - M. Watt, Cat 3 - S. Downing

Ryder Cup Medal
Cat 1 - G. Riley, Cat 2 - S. Hadden, Cat 3 - P. Rodrigues

Ryder Cup Stableford
Cat 1 - M. Dalgarno, Cat 2 - S. Candy, Cat 3 - G. Innes



Club Champion 2014 (Scratch)
Winner - A. Ashley, Runner Up - C. Dunbar

Hdcp Champion 2014
Winner - C. Fowlie, Runner Up - J. Tanser

Hdcp Champion 2014 (0-10)
Winner - K. Milne, Runner Up - E. Sim

Hdcp Champion 2014 (11-18)
Winner - S. Hadden, Runner Up - T. Mackie

Hdcp Champion 2014 (19-28)
Winner - K. Gunn,  Runner Up - S. Ryan

Foursomes Trophy 2014
Winners - M Carle & G. Carle, Runners Up - M. Dalgarno & G. Allen

Peter Simpson Salver
Winner - K. Masson

Captains Quaich
Gross - I. Still, Nett - M. Glenn

Craibstone Trophy
Winner - G. Allen

JCM Trophy
Winner - K. Penny

Masters Flag
Winner - M.J. Rennie


Mens Open 2014
(Scratch) D.A. Sim - Royal Aberdeen (68)
(Hdcp) J. Stephen - Craibstone (63)


Competition Results 2013

Club Champion
Winner - John Tanser

Hdcp Cup
Winner - Stuart Murphy

Hdcp 0-18
Winner - Graham C Morrison

Hdcp 19-28
Winner - Scott Horne

Winners - Michael O'Donnell & Terry Allan

Peter Simpson Salver (36 Holes)
Winner - Lee Mathieson

Sparrow's Mens Open Trophy
Scratch: Winner - G. Munro (Fraserburgh)
Hdcp: Winner - Mark Hay (Craibstone) 

Senior Club Champion
Winner - Sandy Souter

Matchplay Champion
Winner - Sandy Souter

Strokeplay Champion
Winner - George A Murdoch

James Hatter Trophy
Gordon Symon

Blackburn Cup (Scams) 
Winners - John Stephen & James Geddie

Tom Kelly Memorial Trophy
Winner - George A Murdoch

Eclectic Shield
Winner - Sandy Souter

Ladies Club Champion
Winner - Val Souter

Hdcp Champion
Winner - Linda Noble

Marshall Cup
Winner - Emily Scott

Eclectic Gross
Winner - Val Souter

Eclectic Nett
Winner - Linda Noble

Flag Competition / Brooch
Winner - Katherine Scott

SLGA Badges
Bronze: Heather Gillies
Silver: Liz Knowles

Thistle Brooches
Bronze: Kathleen Beattie
Silver: Kathleen Scott

Overall Medal Winner
Winner - Linda Noble

Overall Stableford Winner
Winner - Joanne McClosky

Most Improved Hdcp
Winner - Gayle Rennie


Competition Results 2012

Captains Quaich
Scratch: A Houston
Nett: L. Richards

Club Championships Matchplay
Scratch: C. Shanaghey
Runner Up: M. Dalgarno

Hdcp Matchplay 10-18
Winner: C. Morris
Runner Up: S.K. Milne

Handicap Cup
Winner: M. Cochrane
Runner Up: D. Youngson

Peter Simpson Salver
Winner: P. Low

Craibstone Trophy
Scratch: G. Riley
Hdcp: R. Waiter

J.C.M. Trophy
Winner: K. MacPhee

April Medal
G. Allen
J. Crawford
T. K. Lumsden

Spring Opening Day Medal
P. Low
D. Alexander
R. Waiter

May Wed Medal
M. Dalgarno
N. Baird
P. Wisely

Belhaven May Medal
I. Alexander
S. Tweedley
A. Duncan

June Medal
I. Still
M. Walker
J. Buthlay

Jubilee Sun Medal
M. Shaw
N. Stephen
S. Candy

Jubilee Sat Medal
P. Low
M. O'Donnell
B. Crockett

Olympic Medal 2012
A. Ashley
M. Rostant
B. Crockett

British Open Sat Medal
A. Finlay
R. Gordon
M. Thomson

British Open Sun Medal
G. Allen
M. Rostant
J. Clark

Bogey Medal
J.C. Morris
R. Donald
M. Mundie

August Medal
S. Barfoot
R. Waiter
M. Burnett

August Wed Medal
B. Semple
G. Sherriffs
M. Mundie

September Wed Medal
G. Carle
C. Shirreffs
G. Shirreffs

September Medal
A.J. Carle
D. Reid
D. Youngson

Autumn Medal
D. Allan
B. McDonald
S. Horne

Winter League
Winner: Ian Kuchler

Masters Flag
Winner: C. Moir

Greensomes Trophies
Scratch: P. Reid and S. Tweedley
Hdcp: G. McCombie and T. Murdoch

Holes In One
R. Goldie 135yd 2nd Hole 25-7-12 (9 Iron)
G. Smith 177yd 7th Hole 18-11-12 (5 Iron)
K. Macphee 175yd 12th Hole 9-9-12 (5 Wood)
C. Ross 135yd 2nd Hole 8-8-12 (8 Iron)
E. Knowles 175yd 6th Hole 13-11-12 (3 Wood)


Competition Results 2011

Club Champion
Scratch: Winner  - M. Smith / Runner Up - J. Duthie
Hdcp: Winner -  W. Paterson / Runner Up - W. Mckendrick

Peter Simpson Trophy
Winner - G. Phillips

Greensomes Trophy
Winners - C. Moir & D. Allan / Runners Up - J. Borthwick & G. Forbes

Captains Quaich
Scratch: Winner - M. Smith
Hdcp: Winner -  R. Waiter

Texas Scramble Trophy
Teams of 3 Winners - G. Lawson, S. Morrison & F. Allan
Teams of 4 Winners - N. Jaffrey, M. Glenn, C. Jamieson & J. Reid

Craibstone Trophy
Scratch: Winner - E. Sim  
Hdcp: Winner - S. Howden 

JCM Trophy
Winner - D. Allan / Runner Up - C. Fowlie

Sparrows Offshore Mens Open
Scratch: Winner - J. Fairless (Murcar) 69
Hdcp: Winner - J. Tanser (Craibstone) 65


Competition Results 2010

Medals Day Winners (Medal Champions)
Division 1 – Mike Lynch
Division 2 – Neil Pickard
Division 3 – Kenny Mair

Masters Flag (Best Nett over 72 Holes)
1st – Alan Bloice

Kirkhill Autos Spring Cup
1st – Peter Mant

Captains Quaich
Gross – Paul Reid
Nett – John Wilson

Craibstone Trophy
Gross – John Borthwick
Net t – John Wilson

JCM Trophy
1st – Allan Finn

36 Hole Competition
Gross – Paul Reid
Nett – Barry Davidson

Peter Simpson Trophy
Gross – Steven Yule
Nett – Sandy Davidson

Stewart Trophy
Winner – Sandy Davidson
Runner Up – Paul Reid

Eclectic (Best Nett on each Hole over 2 Rounds)
Winner – Andrew Angus

Singles Matchplay
Winner – Les Singer
Runner Up – Steven Anderson

Doubles Matchplay
Winners – Norman Hartley/Robert Anderson
Runners Up – Steve Fairless/Kenny Masson

Club Champion Handicap Section
Winner – Allan Clarke
Runner Up – John Wilson

Club Championship Scratch Section
Winner – Bradley Wood
Runner Up – John Tanser


Competition Results 2009

Medals Day Winners (Medal Champions)
Division 1 – R.Hardie
Division 2 – I.Alexander
Division 3 – D.Murdoch

Masters Flag (Best Nett over 72 Holes)
1st – John Stewart

Kirkhill Autos Spring Cup
1st – Ewan McNeil

Riddell Trophy
1st – George Craib

Captains Quaich
Gross – Steve Fairless
Nett – Jimmy Lamont

Craibstone Trophy
Gross – Michael Carle
Net t – Kenny Lumsden

JCM Trophy
1st – Peter Low

36 Hole Competition
Gross – Scott Allan
Nett – Kenny Lumsden

Peter Simpson Trophy
Gross – Craig Shanaghey
Nett – Morrison Wiseman

Stewart Trophy
Winner – Alan Finn

Craibstone GC Foursomes
Winner – J.Borthwick/S.Kennedy
Runner Up – A.Sorrie/P.Forbes

Singles Matchplay
Winner – Andrew Sorrie
Runner Up – Alan Selbie

Club Champion Handicap Section
Winner – John Stewart
Runner Up – Peter Low

Club Championship Scratch Section
Winner – Mike Lynch
Runner Up – Steve Fairless